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A danish crew of misfits travel to Saturn in search for natural resources. However, the planet is colonized by a ruthless army of Aliens that turn their eye on Earth and invade Denmark. Thus, the crew change their mission to liberate Denmark.
Rejsen til Saturn by Claus Deleuran is one of the best Danish comics ever created - some will say the best. Deleuran had the idea for the story already as a child in the 1950's, and in the 1970's, he decided to realize the project. The result was a 60 page book, where every Picture on every page bristled with ideas and childlike fantasy. Everything made with a painstaking sense for detail. The humor was not rude as in the movie - it was more Tati than Will Ferrell. Later on Deleuran started an enormous project - The Illustrated history of Denmark - but unfortunate he died in the middle of making book 9. Its descriptions are so detailed, that he had only reached the Middle ages by then. And no one was or will be able to take over the Work after a genius like him. And now this. I don't know how or why the rights ended with these producers, maybe they have sweet-talked some of the people close to him or declared their willingness to do it with respect for his art. But this has (apart from the idea of a spaceship with Danes) nothing to do with the feel of the original Work. Instead you get a lot of tasteless jokes in the vein of mediocre stand-up. Disgraceful!
Well I must in the beginning underline that neither am I danish or did I have lot of expectations for this film. But I found it to be a great entertainment and a nice insight on the danish culture. For example things like the gay prince with its annoying dog and the fact that the only thing that could kill the aliens was beer, made me and my foreign friends currently living in Denmark, laugh our ass off. This movie is a ''cute lamer'', really what a silly movie should be. I at least had a blast watching it and I would most definitely recommend it to any of my friends. Especially now since everybody are waiting for ''Ronal barbaren'', this one is a good appetite. Its silly, cute and lame but so enjoyable :)

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