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Clinton is desperate to find his brother's murderer. To do so, he enlists the aid of Nadine, an expensive call girl. Clinton and Nadine get sucked into a plot to smuggle guns to the Contra forces in Nicaragua.
I watched this movie last night, and I discovered the best way to enjoy it- turn the volume down.<br/><br/>Both Ellen Barkin and Andy Garcia are SO YOUNG and SO GORGEOUS! Seriously, this movie is a MUST if you are an Andy Garcia fan. He is drop-dead gorgeous. You even get to see him shirtless (briefly)and if you like hairy chests, you will be in your glory. Ellen Barkin is pretty hot, too, and there is a really cute dog.<br/><br/>The plot? There was lots of running and sweating and shooting and people getting wet- I don&#39;t think you&#39;ll miss much if you don&#39;t listen to it the sound.<br/><br/>So-turn the volume down and put on your favorite record. Enjoy the eye-candy.
Andy Garcia is an actor that I use to like, Morgan Freeman too, so, when I saw that movie on the supermarket promotions, i take the chance and bought it, expecting a 7/10 movie. It wasn&#39;t because of Elen Barkin, the theme or the short guidelines on the back of the box, it was just because of the two main characters. I thought it was quality insurance…<br/><br/>Both had done a good work, i&#39;ve seen better from them, but it was worthwhile, especially Andy&#39;s one. The other actors were just under medium or even bad… The screenplay? Predictable! The filming locations? Unexplored! The photography? Very common…<br/><br/>In fact, just another movie about drugs world. The difference? That one is with Andy Garcia… nothing else!

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