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A descendant of one of Duncan's teachers comes to him claiming a long-ago promise of help, that pits Duncan against cruel Immortal Michael Kent.
A cheating wife flees her husband when he kills her lover. She turns to Duncan for help. She shows him an old spy-scope, Duncan recalls when he last saw the spy-scope, and how he got his Katana. Duncan soon discovers her husband is immortal.
"Samurai" stands as a top 3 Highlander episode. It is the episode that explains how McCloud obtained his katana sword. It also has top notch guest stars and has probably the best acting of any episode. The flashbacks feature Robert Ito as Hideo Koto, a samurai who protects McCloud from the Shogun, and in doing so has condemned himself to death. Hideo teaches McCloud the martial arts, sword mastery and most importantly, honor. Robert Ito was always great as Sam on Quincy but in this episode you see him as a totally different character, and you also see what a great actor he really is. Eventually McCloud must assist Hideo in his own suicide (the punishment for him helping the outsider McCloud). Adrian Paul's game seems to be upped in his scenes with Ito, as well as his scenes with another fantastic guest star, Tamlyn Tomita, who plays 2 roles in the past and present. She was so good in Karate Kid II I'm surprised she hasn't been in a lot more stuff with prominent parts. It was nice to see her as a main character in this episode. In the past she is Hideo's daughter Maia and has some great scenes with Adrian Paul. In the present she is a Koto descendant, Midori, who is unfaithful to her husband (and an immortal) Kent, portrayed by yet another great guest star in character actor Stephen McHattie. For a one episode villain Kent comes off as one of McCloud's most formidable opponents. McCloud had promised Hideo 200 years earlier that the Kotos would always have a protector, and Midori calls in the favor by showing McCloud an old telescope that McCloud had given Hideo in the flashbacks. The fight at the end is also one of the best. McCloud's sword gets driven into the ground, and as Kent prepares to stab McCloud he catch's Kent's sword between his palms and turns it on him. The cinematography is also superb in this episode. Beyond Philip Akin as Charlie there are no other regular cast members in this episode, likely to give room to all of the great guest stars. This was the first episode of Season 3, which in my opinion is the season where Highlander really hit it's peak.
NOTE: Most of my reviews contain spoilers but I always try that these &quot; spoilers don&#39;t spoil&quot; any important surprise in the story, so you can read without worrying :)<br/><br/>In this episode we have (as many other great stories in Highlander the TV series) a double plot. On one side we have a story found in the feudal Japan and on the other side we have story on real time happening to a descendant to one of Duncan&#39;s best friends ever, who also happened to be his Sensei.<br/><br/>In my opinion this is one of the stories who explain us why Duncan is the way he is. Its one of the defining episodes for the character next to the ones that explain how he realized he was an immortal in his early days in the Highlands of Scottland. If you are new to &quot;Highlander the series&quot; I advise you to see this episode first of all.<br/><br/>How does this chapter compare to other Highlander episodes? It&#39;s certainly in my top ten, and I think most fans who have seen it will agree.<br/><br/>Another good reasons to see it: Martial Arts, a friendship and a vow that resist the passing of the decades and the centuries. Definitely, the kind of episode you will like if you like something that remarks the meanings of HONOR and LOYALTY.<br/><br/>Thanks for reading.<br/><br/>David del Real.

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